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Welcome to gARTbage Inc, a not-for-profit educational corporation dedicated to ocean pollution awareness through education and art.

Mission Statement: Through the promotion of art, science and travel, gARTbage will work to empower people of all ages and cultures in an effort to increase public awareness about environmental issues surrounding the ocean.

gARTbage Inc is dedicated to educating people of all ages about ocean pollution. It has been estimated that 80% of the trash in our seas comes from land-based sources. The recent tsunami that devastated Tōhoku Japan caused the lost/disappearance/injury of over 25,000 lives and the destruction of hundreds of thousands of homes and buildings. The 9.0 magnitude earthquake moved Honshu, the main island of Japan, 8 feet to the East. It also shifted the earth's axis 4-10 inches. Through all of the trauma that Japan has had to cope with, there has also been an awareness about marine debris rising up through the tragedy. With the ongoing tsunami debris tracking and the fascination with found items, our hope is that the world will realize (to quote Stiv Wilson of 5GYRES) that 'a tsunami of garbage enters the ocean every day'. From all of the world's shores. Through rivers and storm drains and carelessness. From all of us.

Teaching our children is a way to shift current trends in thinking about the life of our trash and its impact on the lives of those who share the planet with us. Using art as a learning vehicle makes it fun! The learning enters during the creative process with touch, sight, hearing and thinking. Combining science with art opens up our minds to new possibilities for our future and may spark some brilliant solutions to the problem. Please check out our past and current projects!

Education brings awareness which brings change through a quorum of people's voices and actions. It is going to take a big shift, something to move our awareness into action, to move our thinking at least 8 feet over and move us off of our personal axis 4-10 inches. We can do it, but we must change. Look at our 'What Can I Do?' page to find some simple things that you can do starting today! I bet you will find that you already practice some of these as a habit now. Choose another one to try!

To get a glimpse of the problems our trash is causing in the ocean, click on a link or two below. Can't think of a water activity for couples? Kayaking is a must try! First off, though, head to to find inflatable kayak reviews and more!

Thank you for visiting our site!

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Garbage Patches: The Cost of a Cleanup (Part 2)
By: Carey Morishige, Pacific Islands Regional Coordinator, NOAA Marine Debris Program

Environmentalists want deposit scheme

Donated Artworks:

2012, Algalita Marine Research Institute 'Sunset Surf Check'


2012 Living Coast Discovery Center Food and Wine Classic 'We've Created a Monster'

2011 San Diego Coastkeeper Art Gala 'Family Picnic Sea Bird'

2010 Surfrider Art Gala 'Waves of Silence'