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What Can I Do? - Links

What can I do to help make a change? I am just one person.

What can you do personally? Quite a lot, relatively easily, without spending a lot and without sending anyone else money, starting today. In fact, you will save money in the long run while making a BIG difference.

  • Use a stainless steel personal water bottle that isn't lined inside with plastic film
  • Carry your groceries and other items home in a reusable bag
  • Use lightweight reusable produce bags at the store. They won't add weight to produce
  • Get an at-home water purifier for your tap water, hopefully not a plastic pitcher
  • Refuse as many items with plastic packaging as you can - buy in bulk when you can
  • Recycle when you can and encourage your city to have better recycling programs
  • Bring your own mug to the coffee shop and flatware to your takeout place
  • Support local bans on single-use plastic bottles, bags and styrofoam
  • Encourage your local schools to discontinue using plastics and styrofoam in the cafeteria
  • Choose environmentally friendly household cleaning products and detergents
  • Use a loofah or bath scrubber instead of buying body cleansers with plastic microbeads

Did you know that you are casting your personal vote every time you shop? Stores and big companies are looking at the bottom line. Big soda and water bottling companies make LOTS and LOTS (did we say LOTS?) of money on bottled water. One company may have many different labels/bottle styles for water taken from one source. The majority of these companies DO NOT want to be involved in the collection or recycling of discarded bottles. They want to put it all on the consumer. Don't just take my word for it. Find out more by watching the movie TAPPED or The Story of Bottled Water.

The goal here is to stop adding to the problem and to get the message to stores and manufacturers that we are willing to forgo plastic bags and single-use plastic bottles, containers, packaging. Is bottled water better than tap? Tap water is regulated and monitored, cheaper, always available. Bottled water is more expensive than gasoline, is just filtered tap water and water bottling companies are not required to have any outside regulation - meaning they send their own reports about their water quality to the FDA.

We know plastic has changed the way we live, in many ways for the better. But it has a darker side that most of us do not know about. Plastics and food are not a match made in heaven. Did you know harmful chemicals are used in the formulas that make plastic bottles, flatware, plates, food containers, juice and soda bottles, cups, anything styrofoam, take-out containers, school cafeteria supplies, baby bottles, cosmetic containers, vitamin bottles, and even the lining of our canned goods, organic or not? Studies* have been conducted that show how these toxic chemicals cause adverse effects on our health and on our children's health. Check them out below. Also check out links** below for other food storage options. Exercise your free will at the grocery store. You really are powerful.

*Studies on the chemicals contained in plastic packaging:

Links to non-plastic food storage options:

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